Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mill Road

I was so happy to sit with my steaming mug of tea in the Snakatak cafe and watch the folk of Mill Road pass by. I am sure the lady in the very large rimmed hat had just stepped out of one Emma Chitchester Clark picturebook and was on her way to another.

Merrylegs 004

Merrylegs 003

Merrylegs 002

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Merrylegs 001


Poorly Boy

I babysat for a friend a few days before Christmas, for a very handsome young man who was very sad and poorly. I drew these few scribbles when I got home to try to capture how folorn he looked, but didn't manage to capture it. On boxing day I drank tea in a cafe in Walberswick after a long walk and filled up the page with the lean waitress and one or two of her customers.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This man sat alone for his evening meal. He looked very English in his nautical cap, white socks and navy slacks.

Is it really nearly 3 months since I did this? Cripes! Thanks Kitty for requesting more Porto sketchbook. (I think that I should be able to put in lots of useful links here so that you can all see Kitty's fabulous work... but I'm not sure how to do it...). This is a sketch of the lovely Manuel Mott, the waiter in our favourite fish restaurant of the field trip. He looked very shy, but was friendly and patient and not at all bothered by my pretending not to draw him.