Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lob 042


Liza said...

Wonderful work Pam. x

Madelon said...

Hi Pam,

My name is Madelon, from Amsterdam and I wrote a book for boys from 13 years of age and up..
I love your wonderfull illustrations.
How can I contact you?

my email is

Anonymous said...

Hello Pam.
Good to see you at New designers, and i have just seen the link to my blog from yours. thank you, i shall return the favor.
Love the black birds, we have a very chirpy one in my garden, and a robin that can fight a cat. Hope you are well.

Mike said...

Hi Pam

Just thought I'd add my appreciation of your lovely peaceful drawings. Hope you're having a great Summer, and hope we can see more.

We've just moved into a house and I saw goldfinches in our garden. Very excited about that!