Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Norfolk 01


Liza said...

How lovely to see the sketches from your holiday. Blake Cottage looks wonderful!

Thomas Taylor said...

Pam, these drawings are lovely. Your's is one of the best sketchbook blogs I've seen (and I've been searching, believe me). I hope you are well and that little Mila is thriving -- she looks like she enjoyed the seaside.

I look forward to seeing more of your drawing, and to hearing more about Lob (sounds interesting).

Very best wishes


Thomas Taylor said...

...oh, and this site might interest you:

Anonymous said...

Pam, how lovely to find you, and your drawings are wonderful.. Please look us up if you come to Norfolk again, it would be lovely to see you and Mila again.
love Penny (Thomas's mum)

Julian Aurelius Sedgwick said...

Pam, it was great to bump into you on the street the other day...
Just wanted to echo Thomas's sentiments - wonderful drawings and sketchbook pages. A joy to browse.
I will be showing them to young William in particular.
And you might like to look at:

as ever