Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe


Tony Shaw said...

Hello Pam
I've just started reading this book to my students (something a bit lighter than the gothic horror stories we've been reading). I'm enjoying it greatly (a bit nostalgic. It reminds me of Stig of the Dump and The Demon Bike Rider.(they both had great illustrations too) The copy Im reading from is published by Egmont and doesnt have any illustrations. While I was preparing some school work based on the book I found a site for a version of the book and they had some of your illustrations on it (I then found your blog)and added some of them into their work. The kids and I agreed that your pictures were perfect for the story (They thought Tim was shaggier though....)So thank you for those pictures they really helped the kids to visualise the ghost, the village and James.

Pam Smy said...

Hi Tony
Thanks so much for this. I am so pleased this (neglected) blog was useful to your pupils. It is a treat to take on such a well respected novel. I really enjoyed creating the cottage and the village - but the image I enjoyed making the most was Bert's kitchen interior - I loved being able to create the clutter and washing line and stacked dirty pans. And your kids are probably right - I think Tim should have been shaggier!